Emerging Options For No-nonsense Evening Gowns Products

Apr 14, 2017

Ive been disrupting for a long time, said iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg at the Women in the World Summit. I became who I wanted to be and I want to help women do that. Furstenberg sat on a panel with Teen Vogue Editor Elaine Welteroth, AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins, entrepreneur Jeannine Sargent, and Tracee Ellis Ross, an award Golden Globe Award-winning actress and activist. Overseeing the conversation was Australian author Kathy Lette who lauded these bad-ass women as outliers, pioneers, innovators, or women who just dont give a damn about following the rules. The group had a wide-ranging discussion about how to undermine gender stereotypes and disrupt the patriarchy. Be Nasty The first step to disrupting? Speak up, said the panel. Its about owning who I am and supporting other women in that, said Ross. Pushing up against the status quo. Sargent agrees. For me, its about equalizing the field and changing the game. Age Aint Nothing Ageism is a huge barrier to female empowerment like kryptonite to Superman, noted Lette but panelists argued that it doesnt have to be. I dont understand this thing about age; maybe its because Im European, said Furstenberg.

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